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Deb and Amy here to show you in this letter how exactly to take one piece of content and turn it into a powerhouse of ways that you can gain exposure, increase traffic and make more sales to your offers. 

You'll Discover: 

  • How To Get Massive Mileage Out Of The Content You Already Have
  • Never Waste Work You've Done in the Past -There's Always a Way to Reuse It
  • Easily Use and Reuse That PLR Sitting On Your Computer for More Traffic and Sales
  • Automate the Hardest and Most Tedious Parts So You Have Time for More Fun and Less Work (everyone loves this part!!)

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Introducing The Content Transformer

Other Functions and How To
Make Money With The Content Transformer

Here's What's Included With Content Transformer

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  • Use with your existing content
  • Use with PLR that you currently own
  • Make brand new content very easily
  • Work faster to create outlines for outsourcers
  • Rinse and repeat and succeed with the Content Transformer

Content Transformer


What is Content Transformer?

Content Transformer is a lightweight Java-based program which allows you to open nearly any type of text-based document, and easily create an outline, PowerPoint slideshow presentation, or OpenOffice Impress slideshow presentation.

Does Content Transformer Work on PC’s and Macs?

Yes, Content Transformer works on both  PC’s and Macs.

Can I give Content Transformer to my outsourcer?

Yes, you can absolutely give access to your outsourcer. 

What types of documents does Content Transformer open?

Content Transformer opens:

  • .doc

  • .docx

  • .html

  • .txt

  • and native Content Transformer .rtf formats.

What types of documents does Content Transformer create?

Content Transformer creates:

  • PowerPoint Presentations

  • Open Office Impress Presentations

  • Google Doc Presentations

  • Outlines-Best viewed in Microsoft Word Outline View

How Does Content Transformer work on a Mac?

Content Transformer exports to the Mac version of Microsoft Powerpoint, and also the Mac version of Openoffice Impress.  You can also work with the outline view in the Mac Version of Microsoft Word.

Content Transformer will not export directly to Keynote. You can work with your created outline in Pages and go to Keynote from there.

Alternatively, you can save the file as a .ppt and open with Google Doc Presentation.

Does This Work With PLR?

Yes! This is actually the best tool to use for PLR because it  helps transform it into brand new content – and make it unique.  That’s what you have to do with PLR to make it work the best for you and our tool helps do that!

**New Feature…

Does Content Transformer import images as well as text into presentations and outlines?

Yes! Content Transformer will important any embedded images in your original document and import into your presentation.  

Save Tons Of Time

See What People Are Saying

Awesome an easy to use program–without even reading the instruction guide yet, I created a basic PowerPoint outline with several subpoints for a 30 min. webinar in less than 5 min. from a previously written article. I can see how this program is going to save me bunches of time and help make my business bunches of bucks. Thanks for another great tool, Amy and Deb!

Lawrence J. Clark, PhD,


There are so many things you can do with this software, it will save you oodles of time. You can write something one time and put it out to the world in several different formats VERY quickly. In fact, the very first time you use this software, you can create a great powerpoint faster than you ever would without it...and it gets faster from there. You are not going to make any money online if you are not found online..this is THE software to get your info all over the web quickly. You really can't go wrong with Amy and Deb products.

Brenda Trott "Make Money In Your Sleep Girl"



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Content Transformer

PS - What are you waiting for? These skills can be transferred to many other things you need to do online to be a successful marketer.  Take action and have these skills for life!

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Deb & Amy