Affiliate Message jvzoo


Note: Due to increasing attempts at affiliate fraud, I no longer approve any affiliates unless I know you or have some kind of communication from you.Here is how you can communicate:

Put a note to me in the notes section pointing me where I can connect with you (facebook, linkedin, warriorforum, website).

We need to know that you are a real person with honest intentions of promoting our products


If we don’t know each other personally, please tell me how you heard about my products and how you plan to promote them. Also, please share a little bit about yourself and your business. It doesn’t have to be a biography, but if we’re going to work together we should be acquainted.

The only people who will be initially approved for instant commissions are:

1. People I know well.

2. People who have a strong, proven promotion history.

3. People who have an EXCELLENT reputation.

Anyone not meeting one of those criteria will be placed on delayed commissions if approved, until a working relationship and history are established.

I won’t refuse someone strictly for lack of experience or a small list, but I WILL refuse anyone not following the guidelines laid out above.